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8 Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Traditions to Consider for Your Day

The ceremony is arguably the most special part of your entire wedding day. It’s the moment you commit to your partner for the rest of your lives. The best part is you can make it all your own – a memory you and your partner will cherish forever.
To make your ceremony extra special, there are a number of rituals and traditions you can incorporate. We have listed some of our favorites in this blog.

1. Write Your Own Vows
This is a well-known tradition but a firm favorite. When you include your personality in your vows, they’re far more fun and meaningful. Writing your own vows gives you the opportunity to share how you plan to care for and love your partner in your own unique way in this next phase of your relationship. Plus, it gives guests a whole other perspective on your relationship and how you think and feel as a couple.

2. Plant a Tree
Many couples are choosing to plant a tree together as a symbol of their new relationship and how they will grow together. You don’t need to dig into the earth and get dirty either. It can be as simple as you both pouring soil into a pot and adding a few seeds to it.

3. The Champagne Toast
Instead of just sharing a kiss after you’re pronounced married, pop a bottle of champagne and toast with your guests. You don’t need to give all your guests champagne either – you can simply share a glass with your partner. What’s more, this tradition makes for some great celebratory photos that you can add to your collection.

4. Hand-Binding
Another meaningful way to highlight your union is to incorporate hand-binding into your ceremony. Basically, your officiant will place a ribbon or delicate binding around your hands while saying vows of commitment.

Worthington Event Banner Ellenton, FL
Worthington Event Banner Ellenton, FL
Worthington Event Banner Ellenton, FL

Photo Credit: Angela Moon Photography

5. Say a Prayer as a Family
This is an especially nice tradition if you plan to have a micro wedding this year. Right before your ceremony begins, have your family surround you and pray together. This is a wonderful way to include your family in the ceremony and a beautiful way to bless your union.

6. Childlike Descriptions of Love
If you are choosing to have an adult-only wedding, there is still a way to include the children of friends and family. In the months leading up to your wedding, get your guests to ask their children what love means to them. Your officiant can then incorporate these sweet and special answers into your ceremony.

7. Wine Blending
Another unique tradition that is used to symbolize how marriage is a commitment to stick together during joyful and sorrowful times is wine blending. Towards the end of the ceremony, the couple will pour sweet and dry wine into a cup to highlight their promise to each other. Sand pouring is another take on this tradition.

8. Combine Family Traditions
If you and your partner have different faiths or very strong family traditions, find ways to incorporate both into the ceremony. This makes everyone feel welcomed and loved and sets the tone for your life as a married couple.
There are so many wonderful ways to make your ceremony even more special. Just remember, this is your wedding day, and you should always do what feels right for you. Don’t forget to inform your photographer if you plan to incorporate anything special into the ceremony.