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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is my date available?

Call to see available dates.

How many guests does Worthington accommodate for weddings?

The Worthington can accommodate up to 175 guests including the bridal party.

How many hours are included in the rental?

All of our Wedding Packages give you up to five and a half hours of event time. In addition, you are given access to the property for up to 12 hours. This allows bridal parties plenty of time to get ready on-site and enjoy their Wedding Day stress-free!

Does Worthington host more than one event on the same day?


Is there an outdoor space to host our ceremony?

Yes. Worthington has several locations on the grounds overlooking Lovelee Lake, to host your ceremony or we can accommodate up to 80 guests on our covered deck.

Setup and Breakdown

Worthington Event FAQ's
Worthington Event FAQ's
Worthington Event FAQ's

Who is in charge of the setup, breakdown and cleaning of the wedding?

Worthington team members along with our Certified Wedding Planners and Preferred Vendors will complete setup, breakdown and cleaning of all rented spaces and items. Vendors and guests are responsible for setting up and removing all personal items and trash as necessary.

Who will be our main point of contact on the day of our wedding?

The Worthington team and our Certified Wedding Planners will be your main point of contact throughout the planning process and on the day of your wedding.

Is there a cleaning fee?

Cleaning fees are included in the rental fee of the venue.

What does a typical layout for a wedding at Worthington look like?

The layout of your ceremony and reception is dependent on your final guest count. At the time of booking, we discuss a preliminary setup based on your guest count and vision.

Decorations and Rentals

Worthington Event FAQ's

Are there any restrictions on decorations, use of candles or sendoffs?

The following are prohibited at Worthington: nails, staples, glues, screws, tacks, or the like on the walls, ceilings, or floors; holes in the walls, partitions, ceiling, or floors; painting of any signs, placards, or other advertising, banners, pennants, awnings, or the like; fireworks or pyrotechnics of any sort; hazardous, poisonous, or flammable materials; glitter, rice, confetti, silk flower petals, bird seed, or silly string;

Sparklers may be allowed on the veranda and sidewalks, depending on the conditions, and must be approved of by Venue staff prior to lighting. Venue allows candles inside the Venue but does not allow any candles outside. For candles, Worthington offers all LED candles. Open flame candles are allowed, but must be enclosed in some type of glass. If using real candles, all supplies must be provided by the couple.

Do we need to provide our own place cards, table numbers or seating charts?

Worthington has lots to choose from in our décor collection including table numbers, seating charts and more. Place cards are a personal item and oftentimes our brides enjoy doing them on their own.; however, we are always available to assist if needed.

Will you provide signs directing our guests to the ceremony site?

Yes. Worthington has the ability to customize many signs in our décor collection and you are always welcome to bring your own.

What’s included in Worthington’s décor collection? Is there a fee to use these items?

Worthington has a generous collection of décor pieces to compliment your theme and vision. We invite you to see everything we have to offer in our exclusive design room. Our décor is included in all of our packages.

Can we customize the décor to suit our theme, color and vision?

Absolutely! We know that no wedding is ever the same and although you may use many of the pieces in our décor collection, adding personal touches is what makes it special and unique to you.

Vendors and Staffing

Worthington Event FAQ's
Worthington Event FAQ's
Worthington Event FAQ's

Can we work with other vendors or will we need to stick to your recommended list?

You are welcome to use other vendors should you choose, however; they must be approved before being hired and additional fees will apply.

Do you offer an on-site “Day of Wedding Coordinator”?

Yes. Weddings are a large expense for most couples and have many moving parts. When choosing any of our Wedding Packages, you will get an all-access pass to our entire décor collection at no charge, along with a Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator.

Do you offer parking assistance or valet service?

Yes. Parking assistance and/or valet service is required for guest counts over 150 people. Additional charges will apply.


Worthington Event FAQ's
Worthington Event FAQ's
Worthington Event FAQ's

How many people can the dance floor accommodate?

The size of your dance floor greatly depends on your guest count.

What time can a DJ start setting up?

A best practice for your DJ is to be setup at least an hour before the ceremony starts for sound check and mics. Your DJ will coordinate the time needed with our in house planners.

Is there a designated area for entertainment or can we place them as we see fit?

Placement will largely depend on your guest count and seating arrangements. We will discuss your initial floor plan at our first meeting together but changes can be made based on your final guest count. There are several areas at Worthington that accommodate the right sound for your reception.

Food and Beverage

Worthington Event FAQ's

Do you provide tables and linens for the buffet or does the caterer?

Worthington does provide tables, but linens are not provided with the DIY package. They are available, but will be an upcharge at the DIY level. Depending on who you pick for catering your caterer may provide linens for the buffet tables. All of our All-Inclusive packages include linens..

Do you provide reception linens, plates, glassware and flatware and who does the set up?

Yes. Worthington includes plates, glassware, flatware and more at all levels of packages, though the DIY package does not come with linens – they are available, but a charge will be added.  All of our All-Inclusive packages do include linens. The venue team completes the set up of these items for your reception tables.

Is Worthington licensed to provide alcohol?


Is there a cake cutting fee?

Your caterer will provide this service. Additional charges may apply.

Can we bring our own cake?

Cakes and other sweets must be provided by a licensed and insured baker for liability purposes.

What is the fee per person for extra guests after the final guest count deadline has passed?

A per person price will be assessed at your contract signing and will be based on your additional package pricing for items such as the bar, non-alcoholic drinks and ant additional rentals needed. Your caterer will be able to provide a per person price for their services.

Can we give wine or alcohol as a favor?

Unfortunately, you cannot. No outside alcohol is permitted.

Payments and Insurance

Worthington Event FAQ's
Worthington Event FAQ's

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are covered in Worthington’s contractual agreement and based on the time of your booking and the date of your event.

Do you have liability insurance?


Are there different rates for different days of the week and season?

Yes, please inquire for discounted rates!


Worthington Event FAQ's

How much parking is available at the venue?

Worthington has 80 parking spots in the main parking area with available space for larger events as needed.

Is the space handicap accessible?


Are there separate spaces for cocktail hours, ceremony and reception?

Absolutely! Worthington is one of the most unique venues in the area with it’s 1900 square foot cocktail area, outdoor deck, separate buffet room, ballroom and multiple outdoor ceremony sites.

What is The Back-up Plan for rain or inclement weather?

Should Mother Nature choose not to cooperate on your special day, we can easily move your outdoor ceremony to our indoor space. Our team carefully monitors current weather patterns to ensure your day runs smoothly in the event we have to alter the plans.

Do you have a Bridal Suite?

Yes. We have one of the larger bridal suites in the area offering a beautiful glass table and chairs for lunch, couches and your own a/c unit for comfort when getting ready. Click here to see more!

Do you have an area for the groom and groomsmen?

At this time, our groom and groomsmen generally arrive an hour before the ceremony and take final getting ready shots in our spacious bar area.

What are the nearest hotels to the venue?

Worthington has partnered with several of the local hotels in the area to offer special rates for our couples and their friends and family members.