Unless you have a very specific destination in mind, you’re going to be met with a number of choices once you start searching for a wedding venue. This process is incredibly exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Getting to a place where you can narrow down your options will come as a welcome relief.

Now that you can get more specific, below are some of the most important things to consider before you go ahead and book a destination wedding venue.

The Backup Plan
Depending on where you’re choosing to get married, you may need to have a backup plan in place. For example, a destination like Hawaii sounds tropical, sunny, and beautiful, but rain is always a possibility. Before you go ahead and book a venue, find out whether there is a plan B should you need it. If not, how easy would it be to arrange? Get the potential venue to provide you with some options.

In-House Services
Find out more about what each venue does and doesn’t provide. The more hassle you can cut out, the better it will be for your stress levels as you plan a wedding away from home. Finding out more about what each venue offers will help you decide whether it fits into your budget. If you’ve already received quotes from each venue, make sure that you have the specifics on what they throw in with the price.

Guest Movements
Many resorts don’t allow guests from neighboring resorts to enter the premises. If some of your guests will be staying at surrounding accommodation, find out whether they will be able to come and spend some time with you. Many destination couples take a few days before the wedding to spend time with the people they love – it would be a big pity if you found out this wasn’t possible after you arrive.

If you would love to be up partying with guests until 2am, find out whether the venues you have in mind have a curfew. Some locations have a strict outdoor music curfew, something you want to consider before you book a venue. Knowing about a curfew will also help you shape your wedding timeline.

Welcome Bag Delivery Fees
If you are planning to give your wedding guests a welcome gift, find out how much the venue will charge to deliver them. Fill your totes with essential items for the weekend, including treats, sunscreen or anything else you feel will come in handy. Delivery fees might seem small in comparison to everything else, but these smaller costs are what add up at the end of the day.

Room Block Terms
Accommodation block bookings are usually a must for destination weddings. However, some venues require you to book a specific number of rooms before you can secure the venue – find out more about these policies before you commit. It helps to have an idea of the number of guests and how many people can potentially commit to making it before you book anything. Don’t forget to make sure that any block booking policies fit in with your budget.

Outside Vendors
Lastly, if you’re planning to bring in outside vendors, find out what the venue’s policies are. Some venues might charge for it, while others won’t. If a venue insists that you use their preferred vendors but they don’t fit in with your budget, you may need to keep searching. Don’t get yourself into debt because you’re dead set on a specific destination venue.

Choosing a destination wedding venue isn’t the easiest task when there are so many options available. Knowing what to consider when weighing up your options does make the process a little easier though.

Photography by: Amanda Dawn Photography

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