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Planning Your Budget

Worthington Weddings Budget Calculator

You said “Yes!”

So, Where Do You Begin? Worthington has you covered.

Just remember to keep one very important thing in mind…
Planning doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s your wedding day after all. So let’s have some fun together! We want you to focus on what’s important in the process and leave the tiny details to us.

Celebrating the love you two share and getting married, surrounded by your family and friends who love and support you, is what will make for the Perfect Day at Worthington.

Our Budget Planner is not a guarantee of service, costs, etc. It is simply a rough estimate for budgeting purposes. You could spend much more if you desired. It would be challenging to spend less.

Pricing on our Investment page is accurate and current. Please keep in mind, pricing is subject to change. Final pricing is based on current rates at the time of booking.

Service Fees are a standard practice in the industry and are often included in your total bill to accommodate overage, breakage, fuel, administrative fees, additional staff not listed on proposals, bar packages, etc.. This is not a gratuity for the staff.

Investment Tip: Plan for the higher number on your invitation list even though you think many will not accept. There is less stress involved in seeing your budget go down than to come up.