While there are so many details you can control when planning for your wedding day, weather is always a wildcard, even in warmer climates like Florida. Hurricane season in storm-prone regions add another element of surprise during the usual hurricane season that spans from May through November.

The good news is that having a solid Plan B in place will help you be ready for any wedding day surprises!


1. The Venue Counts!
Choosing the right venue is the most important consideration when weather-proofing your wedding planning. An event space like Worthington for Events that offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options provides a built-in contingency plan – even on the day-of, a planned outdoor ceremony can be moved indoors.

This also eliminates the headache of having to communicate venue changes to both guests and vendors on a minute-by-minute basis during inclement weather.

2. Utilize Technology
Modern technology also helps mitigate some of the weather-related risks of wedding planning. Numerous apps provide up-to-the-minute weather reports and storm-monitoring. The Farmer’s Almanac, that old-school source for weather prediction, now has an app that features multiple digital weather prediction tools.

The Weather Channel app in particular is easy to navigate and simple enough for both savvy professional vendors to less tech-savvy guests to use.  It also provides detailed air quality reports that are helpful for guests with allergies to prepare for high levels of allergens on the wedding day.

3. Consider Other Weather Factors
Remember that other elements are at play when outdoors – wind, heat and humidity also need to be taken into account. Work with local vendors who have experience working with the different weather possibilities.

Particularly in outdoor Florida weddings, hair and makeup artists should be experts in using anti-humectant hair products and water-resistant makeup!

4. Keep the Reception Indoors
With few exceptions, wedding receptions in the Sun Belt should be indoors. This removes all the variables that can make outdoor receptions stressful, even if there isn’t last-minute rain.  Heat, wind and humidity can make a quick mess of linens, buffet foods and even the wedding cake!

5. Choose a Flexible Venue
Choose a venue with a number of outdoor locations around the property – one might be ideal for the midday sun while another spot might be less damp from previous rains. A deck or patio can provide a feeling of the outdoors while protecting guests from the elements.

Worthington has several locations on the grounds overlooking Lovelee Lake for your wedding ceremony, or we can accommodate up to 80 guests on our covered deck.

5. Let Go
Know that some things are simply out of your control and that your wedding day is going to be filled with love and laughter no matter what the forecast says.

And if it does rain on your wedding day, consider it good luck – in many parts of the world, it is an auspicious sign of good days ahead because of the freshness and new vitality it brings!

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