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Worthington Bar Services

Worthington’s Exclusive Bar Services

Worthington offers full-service alcoholic and non-alcoholic options for all events. All beverage service must be purchased through Worthington; no outside beverages are permitted.

Types of Bars for DIY Weddings and Events

BEER & WINE BAR ~ Great option for couples with a modest budget.

OPEN BAR ~ The host chooses the package they desire and pays the entire bill.

CASH BAR ~ Guests pay for their own drinks.

CONSUMPTION BAR ~ Host pays for the drinks consumed.

SIGNATURE DRINKS ~ Worthington’s In-house Mixologist designs specialty drinks specifically for our brides and grooms!

NON-ALCOHOLIC BAR ~ Only non-alcoholic drinks are served.


Worthington Events Beer and Wine


A bar that just serves beer and wine is a great option for couples that want to have an option for drinks at their reception but are not focused on cocktails for the celebration. It’s also a great way to curb the budget and offer savings.

Now, just because you are only offering beer and wine at your reception doesn’t mean you have to be boring. If you are a wine connoisseur and love entertaining, Worthington offers special wine tastings with our purveyors so you can personalize the selections. Intimate Weddings are PERFECT for this!! If beer is your thing, then let us know. We are happy to customize some of your personal favorites.


Worthington Events Bar Services Weddings

Call Bar: $40 per person

Worthington’s Open Bar Packages are for four hours are charged on a fixed cost per adult guest. They’re a good option if your guests like to drink and enjoy a livelier party! If most of your guests are not drinking, it doesn’t make sense to pay per head; but if they are, this package is often the better deal. More Importantly, the host knows the cost upfront and there aren’t any surprises at the end of the evening.


Worthington Events Bar Services Weddings

Consumption bars are based on Worthington’s cash bar pricing and have a $1,000 minimum requirement. Additional taxes and gratuity will be automatically applied for each drink consumed and the host pays the balance at the end of their event.


Worthington Events Bar Services Weddings

Of course, not all couples choose to have alcohol at their event-whether it be for religious or cultural reasons or simply because they are wanting to create a different atmosphere altogether. Serving only non-alcoholic drinks will result in significant savings for your event.


Worthington Events Bar Services Weddings

With a cash bar, your guests will pay for their own drinks, just as they would at a bar or restaurant. Cash bars are the most budget-friendly option for couples but it does set a different tone for the event. In our experience, cash bars make the most sense when the majority of your guests are not drinking but there might be a few that would enjoy a drink or two during the evening. This is making the option available to them but it’s not the focal point of your celebration.

Domestic $5.00
Import & Craft $7.00

Cocktails & Drinks
Call $9 
Premium $11
Wine $9
Champagne Splits $10

Non Alcoholic 
Sparkling & Still Water $4
Soda & Juice $3


One of our most frequently asked questions, when hosting a bar is, “How do we include Signature Drinks in our overall bar service?”
Some of our couples serve our signature cocktails as part of their open bar package while others choose to add them to our Beer & Wine Bar to help stay within a specific budget.

There are two types of Signature Drinks to consider for your event, either of which will make an amazing addition to your bar service.

The Classic Cocktail

Bar Packages Worthington Events

This drink has meaning for the couple. If their first vacation together was in the Bahamas, it might be a Rum Punch singing flavors of blended rums, grenadine syrup, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice and maybe a pinch of nutmeg!

Signature Cocktails

Bar Packages Worthington Events

Couples that like to bougie it up with their bar service at Worthington can book a tasting session with our in-house Mixologist, Scott Wenger to craft a signature cocktail that will be the talk of your event for years to come!

Champagne Toast

Worthington Events Bar Services Weddings

At Worthington, we believe in the timeless traditions of a heartfelt toast to the new bride and groom! As such, we offer two options for our couples should they choose to indulge in this heartfelt tradition while thanking their guests for joining them on their big day!

Additional Fees & Gratuity

Applicable state taxes & an automatic gratuity of 20% will apply to all Worthington Bar Services.
Additional bar set-up & staffing fees are based on your guest count and will be included in the final invoice.